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The program has been great for the Mary C. Snow After School Program. I have seen students who have trouble making friends look forward to seeing their Elevator. I have seen students who are insecure in school work become more involved with others and their school work.

Attendance to our after school program has even improved. I have other students asking if they could have a mentor. Parents and teachers will beg for their child or student to get an Elevator! Here are just some of the ways our students at MCS have been impacted:

5th grade student: He has been part of after school for three years and I have never seen him smile so much and be so confident. This student struggles in school with completing work as it tends to be hard for him and he struggles with making and keeping friends. However, he has smiled more, completed more homework and attended more after school days - he even stayed at after school extra days to be with his Elevator.

3rd grade student: The student has trouble getting along with others in and out of class, she has trouble making and keeping friends. She has had more positive interactions with others and more importantly has shown growth in self control when it comes to lashing out or back at others. Before her Elevator, I rarely saw the student smile during school or after school. On the days her Elevator comes and while they are together, the student is always smiling.

4th grader: The student loves his Elevator and his Elevator has met some of his family. The family LOVES the Elevator as they are so encouraged to hear him speak positively about something. The family will text me and come later to ensure the Elevator has "all the time".

2nd grader: The student is one of 7 children in the home and having a little extra attention is just what he needs. In fact it is because of this student that everyone knows about the Elevators program! He tells everyone about it!

4th grader: This student has only one friend and struggles to interact with her friend and others appropriately sometimes. She has made more friends and has become more social. Mom is happy to have a mentor for her child and is always asking if her Elevator is coming. Student has come to the after school program and stayed longer because she likes her Elevator.

2nd grader: This student is smart, talented and knows it. He will ask several times during the week if his Elevator is coming and even if he gets the days mixed up when they are to meet he will become upset. One time his mother walked "football" gloves over to school because he said he had to have them for when his "Elevator" came. He will often get in trouble for not listening to adults, but he is getting better at that. He loves to spend time with just his "Elevator" and his mother loves it too.

2nd grader: This student will plan her entire week around her Elevator. She will arrange her schedule to ensure she has her music lesson, dance team, and time with her Elevator. Her Elevator came to the Winter Concert and watched her play the violin. She tells everyone what fun they have and will invite other students to join. Everyone she tells wants to meet her Elevator, including adults.

-Natalie Blevins, After-School Coordinator

Education Elevators provides mentors for some of our struggling students. Students eagerly look forward to the day their Elevator comes. They are so excited to have someone just for them and I have already noticed changes in behaviors and attitudes as a result!
-Jill Woodrum, Executive Director

The Elevator program has helped children form much needed healthy relationships with great adult role models. Students really look forward to their weekly mentor visits. It has helped us be more mindful of those kids that need that positive adult interaction in their lives.

Our Elevators have been amazing during the Coronavirus crisis! They prepared goody boxes for their students along with hand written notes. They brought them to the school in prepaid mailing boxes and all we had to do was put the addresses on them! They also sent pictures and messages to their students to make them feel special!

-Beth Sturgill, Principal

These students have become more successful in all areas of school. They look forward to Elevator visits and light up when with them.

-Rebecca Thomas, School Counselor

Our students light up when they find out they are getting matched with an Elevator and when they get to see them weekly. They truly do make a huge impact on our students and their lives.

-Caitlin Lastoria, School Counselor

The Elevators who visit our building have a direct impact on the students they are working with. We know this and value this. We often miss the indirect benefits of Elevators. They support the teachers of the students they are working with by providing needed attention to their students weekly. They also bring a strong sense of community partnership into the building. - Leah Kersey, School Counselor

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