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Program Evaluations

I like the program very much. It is well organized. The Elevator’s are flexible and always communicate if they cannot be there. They cover for each other. KCE is lucky to have this program.
-Pamela Hurst, Teacher

Lisa makes Mason feel that someone is there just for him. It calms him and refuels his spirit. He settles down after a cooling off period, and he's refreshed after spending time with Lisa. He is always so excited to see Lisa. He's up and out the door before I know what's happening sometimes! I think Lisa is like a mother figure to him, and as a twin - he always has to share. He doesn't have to share Lisa and that is something he needed. -Stephanie Elkins, Teacher

I have seen great social and emotional improvement in Jazya since Angela began her visits. Angela has learned how to connect with Jazya through her interests. This program is amazing! We are lucky to have it at KCE! -Kacie Atha, Teacher

Brooklin has had good grades and behavior all year long, but having Kristi come has helped her by having another person in her life that cares about her. It has given her some more confidence. Kristi even sent some presents to Brooklin during the pandemic. This experience has been very positive for Brooklin. It is great for her to have an adult in her life that is consistent and that cares about her.

-Ashley Britton, Teacher

Stephen's Elevator was effective because he enjoyed his Elevator coming and it gave him something to look forward to and be happy about. He also gained more confidence in himself.

Mr. Lee was always there when he said he would be. He was a consistent person in Vinny's life. When he would have to miss for any reason, he would always communicate with me ahead of time so that Vinny would be prepared. He was a positive role model in Vinny's life and I believe that has caused an attitude shift for Vinny as well.

-Carly Dye, Teacher

Micah looks forward to Kelly coming each week. He knows that he can count on her to be there. He enjoys sharing his friends with her, also. He seems to have more confidence and willingness to participate. She was consistent with her attendance. I didn't receive feedback from her or any questions about Micah, so I assumed she felt he was improving or that she was satisfied with her performance.

-Courtney Bess, Teacher

PG. 2

The student he mentors is genuinely happy to see him, and he has helped Canyon to become more social and confident. I see nothing but positive outcomes in this program. I think it is a fantastic program. I really see changes in my students that get these services.
-Kate Ward, Teacher

Juanita's Elevator has made a connection with her. She is reliable and communicates with me in regards to her schedule. I love seeing Juanita's face light up when her Elevator arrives.
-April Macchione, Teacher

Angel is a great child, and I never have problems out of her, but she needs someone in her life that will be consistent and encouraging to her. Erica seems to give her a boost and she loves to see her. It always seems to make her day much brighter. Angel has shown better relationships with her peers, and excitement when at school.

-Tawna Clark, Teacher

Chris is honestly, I believe, the best part of William’s week. If William is having a bad day Chris is usually readily available to come see him and always tries his best to be there for him. He even attends student conferences when he can! William has a rough home life, so seeing Chris is something he really looks forward to. Chris knows when his birthday is and visited him an extra day that week. He is a 100% constant in his life! -Carli Bourne, Teacher

Jon was so awesome with Kevin. Kevin needs love and attention from all the adults in his life. Jon was very consistent in Kevin's life, always coming the same day and the same time. Kevin can be a very angry young man, but the days Jon was coming...He would perk up. Kevin has bad weeks, but Jon was always a welcomed sight for him. Kevin has difficulty expressing his feelings. He will throw things, have tantrums, and completely shut down. Having Jon around gave him a way and an outlet for him to express his feelings in an appropriate manner.

-Andrea Perrow, Teacher

Kourtnea shares excitement when her Elevator comes and seems happier once she returns to class. Don’t stop reaching out. You’re impacting her in ways you can’t see.Thank you for being an inspiration to such an impressionable girl.
-Christina Sleeth, Teacher

Tristen liked to spend time with Lance and I could see an improvement in Tristen's behavior. I have seen Tristen become easier to get along with. I love this program. I like how the Elevators come at lunch and recess, times that give the two an opportunity to talk.
-Amy Casto, Teacher

Savanna knows when Ms. Jeanie is supposed to come and looks forward to her arrival. Savanna enjoys the time they spend together because she comes from a large family. I like the Elevators coming at recess time and lunch time. This allows for a relaxed environment for the student and elevator.
-Amy Castro, Teacher

Jesse is growing with his social skills. He still has some room for growth, but I think he is benefitting from this program. Keep up the good work. We and our students appreciate you!
-Brittany Holmes, Teacher

Amy always brightens Klaira's day! Klaira is excited to see her and always asks when she is coming. Klaira seems to be more confident in herself which translates to her academic performance. I think she enjoys talking with Amy and spending time with an adult whose focus is only on her.
-Sarah Suan, Teacher

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