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Program Evaluations

Orders Construction partnered with Education Elevators in hopes of making at least a small improvement in our community and state over the long-term. Today’s elementary students are tomorrow’s citizens, and so many of those students lack a positive role model. Our Elevators can be those role models, and hopefully, at least one of us is making an impact that will last a lifetime.

The immediate impacts of the partnership have been to raise Orders Construction’s corporate profile in the community, and improve morale of our team members who see our company doing good things for local children.
-Nate Orders, Owner

The Education Elevators Foundation has provided games and activities, answered questions when asked and been extremely helpful! Building a relationship between Central and Orders has been very rewarding. -Janette Peggs

"The program is very successful! I always enjoy recruiting new employees and seeing their excitement when meeting and interacting with their students."

-Amy Crist

Caitlin does a great job. I really appreciate the calendars in the sign-in book to help me alert EL’s to upcoming events. You are doing a great thing - please keep it up.
-Marie Long, Suttle & Stalnaker Elevator & Business Coordinator

The single most important thing I got out of being an Elevator is the feeling that I can help make a difference in the life of one child. Education Elevators is an incredible program. If it could continue to be scaled up in the Valley, it would have even more of an impact.

-Bryan Cokeley, Managing Partner

The single most important thing I got out of this program is being able to help a child. After we started meeting, Kourtnea was more talkative and shared things with me. We have a good relationship. It breaks my heart when she says she wishes we could play more.

-Rachel Cokeley

After meeting Taytum for the first time, I was worried that she was going to be very shy and timid toward me. However, as we spent time together, she really opened up with me and started to come out of her shell. She seemed to enjoy our time together and even asked her Uncle on multiple occasions if she could stay later just to hang out with me.

-Skyler Assif Matthews

Christian’s energy is contagious. He loves interacting with adults and dives into every activity with great enthusiasm. He is a joy to be around. Reflecting on the past several months, the thing I have most enjoyed, is watching Christian’s development as a student and person. It’s amazing how fast second-graders grow up! Since I started meeting with Christian, I have been pleased to see him improve his patience and politeness. These are traits that will serve him well for the rest of his life. Talking to Christian, and to the staff at his school, has opened my eyes to the struggles many local families experience every day. Being an Elevator has made me even more grateful for what I have, and inspired me to do more to help those in need.The best thing about being an Elevator is the happiness I can bring to Christian’s life, just by showing up. It’s really that easy! -Nate Orders

The foundation has been very supportive and provided games and activities. Continuing with that helps keep the time I spend with Ashlynn full. This is my 2nd year with Ashlynn and she seems to be more comfortable with me. She started asking me questions about my family and opens up a bit more with stuff going on in her life. I think that the program is extremely successful. I feel like we get support from the foundation when needed and the school seems very happy to have us there. I feel like Ashlynn doesn't get to feel like she is a top priority to the people in her life. With me, she gets all of my attention and I try to make her feel like the most important thing in my world when I am with her. She reacts with happiness when she sees me. She always says, "I knew you were going to come today!" Knowing that for a brief 30 minutes a week I am trying to make a child a little happier. Hopefully giving her some needed one on one time, helping to raise her confidence.

-Janette Peggs

Towards the 2nd half of the year, Amir's Technology teacher stopped by and informed me how well he was doing in their coding class. I asked Amir if he was interested in building and programming a robot with me and at first he was hesitant because he didn't believe he could do it. I brought a robot building kit and we started building and as it progressed his confidence really grew and by the end of it, he stated that he could do anything, even going past the directions and started programming additional "features" he thought was necessary. I am so proud of him and how smart he is, he just needed a little help realizing his potential. The biggest suggestion I have is getting more people and businesses aware of this program and getting others to understand the value this program has for the student!

The most important thing I got out of this program is how much a little bit of time could really impact a student and myself in a positive way. I am so glad that I started this program. I loved getting to see Amir get excited when I came into his class room and seeing him wanting to learn as much as he could about our robot. It is amazing how much a young child can learn when they are excited and interested in something. He was so proud and wanted to show everyone who walked by his progress and in the beginning of our journey he was really shy. His end goal was to get his robot fully functioning and driving it into the principal office to show her. I am sad we weren't able to do this. At our last elevator time, I was planning on giving him the robot to take home so he could continue to work and tinker with it over the summer, so I would love to find a way I could send it to him.

-Nick Burdette

The program is working great, at least as far as I have been involved. I really enjoy my time spent with Stephen. Stephen always seems happy to see me and he always tells me he enjoys what we do. I have emailed his mom to ask about him while school has been closed and she tells me he says he misses me and our time together. I think I have made a difference for Stephen. He is doing well and we play games that help with different aspects of schoolwork - reading, math, science experiments, etc.
-Rhonda Henson

Education Elevators has fulfilled their side of the relationship. I can not think of anything else that could be done. I really enjoy this program and I will be forever grateful that Potesta decided to join up. I'm looking forward to next year with Summer. It'll be a bittersweet year since she'll be a 5th grader and our journey will be coming to an end.

-Lisa DeCrease

Ariana was shy at the beginning but as we got to know each other, she became very open and engaging. I am pleased with the fact that Ariana and I established a good relationship in which we could talk about many things and listen to each other.
-Agatha Munyanyi

PG. 4

Things are going great, but how about a field trip or EE get together or something similar? Jeffrey still hassome behavioral issues in class, but never with me. Other than not listening occasionally. I'd say he's doing great for a 7 year old, all things considered. He's got a rough home life I've been told. It's been a humbling experience - not everyone has it as good as I did growing up. I hope I'm helping!

-Lenny Wilson

Being an Elevator allows a student to feel special which is what they need. -Briana Breault

The most important thing that I got out of being an Elevator is the satisfaction of teaching Damonz to read, and teaching Kendell to read music. Kendell has grown, physically and emotionally, and seems more confident. I was with him for several years before I knew he has a stutter and he is more likely to speak spontaneously now.
-Sherry Suppa

The thing I love most about being an Elevator is being able to spend time with Daniah and have her open up. Some positive changes I noticed in Daniah are that she definitely opened up more and started talking to me and telling me more.
-Whytni Cline

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